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CARPRO Felguhlífar (4stk)

CARPRO Felguhlífar (4stk)

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CarPro Wheel Covers

Undirbúðu þig rétt og breiddu CarPro Wheel Covers yfir felgurnar áður en þú byrjar að massa!

Mikil rykmyndun á til að myndast við lakkleiðréttingu/mössun (aðallega í skurðarferlinu) og leggst það á dekk og felgur, sem tekur svo tíma að þrífa af að verki loknu.

Sparaðu tíma með CarPro Wheel Covers!

Einnig gott fyrir bíla í langtíma geymslu innandyra.

  • Dugar fyrir allt að 22" felgur
  • 4stk í pakka 

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Protect your wheels!

CarPro's waterproof wheel covers work great for protecting your precious wheels from weather damage and dirt while in storage. This is the perfect tool to have in your arsenal to prevent polishing dust from covering the freshly cleaned and/or coated wheels in abrasive dust.

This set of 4 is suitable for wheels up to 22" in diameter and simply slip over the wheel without having to lift the vehicle or remove the wheel

Being that these covers are fully waterproof, they are also suitable for protecting delicate polished bare metal wheels from harsh chemicals during washing and decontamination of the paint work. These delicate surfaces can easily become stained from acids or alkalines used n many cleaners and soaps. 

Made from gentle yet durable oxford cloth fabric coated with PU material, these covers will last hundreds of uses in a professional environment or a lifetime of use for storing your car without damaging your wheels or tires. 


  • High tear resistance and durable material.
  • Breathable and waterproof.
  • Prevents damage from dirt and scuffs during storage.
  • Designed for professional use.
  • Suitable for all weather use.
  • Fits wheels up to 22" in diameter.
  • Easy on/Easy off.

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