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CARPRO WashBox - Þvottakassi

CARPRO WashBox - Þvottakassi

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Á lager: 27
  • Reset 500ml
  • Elixir 500ml
  • MF Þvottahanski
  • 2face MF klútur
  • Dhydrate þurrkhandklæði (50x50cm) 


The Box contains all the necessary products: 500ml of Reset Intensive Car Shampoo, 500ml of Elixir High Gloss Quick Detailer, a Hand Wash microfiber wash mitt, a versatile 40x40cm 2-face MF towel and a DHydrate drying towel.

This is perfect for enthusiasts maintaining their CQUARTZ coated vehicles as well as those just beginning their adventure with automotive detailing.

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