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AutoFinesse ObliTARate Gel - Límleysir (gel)

AutoFinesse ObliTARate Gel - Límleysir (gel)

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AutoFinesse ObliTARate Gel - Límleysir (gel)

Mjög sterkur límleysir í gel formi!

Með gel formi þá getur þú látið efnið standa á lengur og fá meiri tíma til að vinna og leysa límið upp. Þunnir hreinsar þorna oftast upp á 3-5mínútum. Þessi gæti staðið á í 10-15mín eða lengur þessvegna.


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ObliTARate Gel is an exceptionally powerful solvent-based formula designed to dissolve stubborn, sticky contaminants on contact like glue. This chemical removal process is a vital part of the paintwork decon stage and essential for minimising the risk of marring and scratching during subsequent clay bar decontamination and polishing stages.

ObliTARate Gel has been developed as a highly viscous liquid which lingers on surfaces for the maximum possible penetration time, assisting the chemical breakdown of contaminants and allowing even the harshest sticky residues to be safely wiped away with a microfibre cloth.

Please note that ObliTARate Gel is an extremely strong product and may cause damage to fresh paint, SMART repairs, un-catalysed lacquers and some delicate vintage finishes. If using the product on these surfaces, proceed with caution and test on an inconspicuous area beforehand.

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